About Jen

Jen (Seay) Campbell started her career as a middle school teacher on Maryland's Eastern Shore in 1997. If asked the question, "what are you passionate about?" she'd say "teaching kids math," without hesitation. She always took pictures as a hobby, and when her friends began starting their own families, she'd photograph their children - many, from the very day they were born. 

Over the years, Jen has watched children and families grow from behind her lens. She's most proud when she shows off a family portrait and can say, "I've known them since I photographed their oldest child on the day he was born," or when she talks about a wedding she photographed and says, "I taught the bride when she was 13 years old."

Jen is a daughter, a sister, and an aunt. She's a 'mama' to two miniature dachshunds, Brio and Nano, and, perhaps most importantly, she's a wife to Brian Campbell, her best friend.

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